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Audio Progress

So I've been up to another foray into audio DIY as of late.
This time I went with something less portable and decidedly more retro. Current project: Millet Hybrid MiniMAX

I would've gone with the entry-level "staving student" but i've read multiple reports that the tubes for it are getting harder to find in any quantity. In any case, even Beezar has decided to limit their current stock to pair with the last set of SSMH kits they'll get in stock soon.

It'll be a bit yet before I complete it, but so far I've found that I'm having, probably, more fun putting it together and modding its enclosure than anything else so far

anyway, don't wanna make a long post of this so expect a worklog in the audio/audio hifi section once I get it all done, biased, and closed up. provided i don't blow it up in the process hahaha

^_^ b


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