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Back To Collegegege

Started college not this week but last week again. Great start I think I'll be doing fairly well this year. Sadly, I have to meet with a guidance counseler 4 times this semester or i'm out for a year due to failing 2 classes last year.

ARGGG.... No i'm not a pirate... thats called my anger
Though being a pirate would actually be pretty freakin' sweet!

As this week came around we had our first anime club meeting with a decent turnout this year of more than half the people that signed up. about 15 or so and this year I'm El Presidente seeing as the old VP and President graduated.

Hopefully we'll be having a cosplay contest involved with our activites and also go to some anime conventions this year too. That and screenings. We shalllllll seeeee.

Anywho, I gotta go shower and get ready for my first two classes, Intro to Web Design, and Intro to 3D Computer Animation.

The latter being what I mainly want to get into as the followup courses after that are Advanced 3D Computer animation and Intro to Game Design

Here's to hoping for a great school year this year! Not just for me, but for all of you fellow OCN'ers that are still in school of some sort! Good luck!


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