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Back To Ebay

I recently found another box of generation 1 Transformers in my basement! Woo-hoo! I made out well with my first set of Transformer auctions on Ebay last summer, since those were all complete-in-box and I had some of the more rare and/or in-demand items (like Trypticon, Shockwave, Jetfire, Sky Lynx, etc...all big-ticket items). I won't make out quite so well this time since I have no boxes, but I still have some nice items to put up: Megatron, Starscream, I think five or so of the "combiner" groups like the Constructicons and Aerialbots, etc.

If there are any Transformer geeks here that want to track my progress, search Ebay for auctions by "mcarmack". (I also have a PSP-1000 up there too, but that's not as fun as old toys...I just don't want it anymore.)


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