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Bad News

Well I'm a private person but I figured I'd let some stuff out here...

My dad just had bipass surgery a week ago and is still in the hospital. He was having a tough time urinating so they did an ultra sound on his prostate. Well there's a tumor there and now they think he has cancer of the prostate.

He isn't even out of the hospital for the heart stuff and now he's gotta stay in for this.

My family has been hit VERY hard with major medical problems, I myself and my brother and dad have a genetic symdrome, and now all this extra stuff happening is just making me insane!

Dad on top of all that has diabeties which has caused neropathy in certain areas of his body as well. And some of those 'areas' are parts you DON"T want that in.

Oh well.. That felt good to get it all out.


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