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Bday Why So Serious Part 2

Some of you may have read my previous rant about my birthday at http://www.overclock.net/blogs/karas...o-serious.html

If not give it a read then read this

Well, its not much better but I'm slightly happier and sorta lookin forward to it now.

Its funny my parents asked what kind of cake i want and what i want for my bday, of course a super chocolate cake with uber chocolate fudgey icing

But i had no idea what i wanted. However being asked cheered me up a bit and got me lookin forward to it a bit this year. I think maybe, it was just that I was feeling unacknowledged and forgotten as no one seemed to realize my birthday was coming up and that seems to have been what may have been digging at me subconsciously.

Maybe because my brother was being asked weeks ahead of time whereas I was only asked this sunday. I may not have realized it upfront right away but now that I think about it thats what seems to have been the problem.

Then again, who doesn't want to be acknowledged It's human nature. And slowly but surely i'm looking forward to 12:25AM yet again. :] This may turn out to be a decent one ^^



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