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Becoming A Blog Hog

What have I learned so far (please help me correct anything that is wrong):
1. Compaq and companies like them, Gateway, HP, Acer, ect. put locks on the
Bios so you can't adjust settings. I was also reading that the mobos they use
have less funtionality for OCing.(That may just have been Compaq.) I think it
has something to do with the warranty, but who cares. All I know is the
warranty on this rig has been up for a long time.
2. On the AMD set up I have, you can adjust everything but the multiplier.
3. No dip switch or jumper will work on this rig, it's "too new".
4. I may be able to flash an "Unlocked" Bios to my system.
5. I even read a post in extremeoverclocking.com about a guy, Kyran (khubel)
who made a frankenstein bios in 2003 which probably won't help me either
because I think this rig is a little younger than that.
Here is the link:


All this and I still have not started OCing. I obviously have a lot of time
on my hands.


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