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Been A Long Time

Wow, havent posted anything new here as I had planned in quite some time. Hell, I only recently came back to Overclock.net after a long hiatus. I guess I just didnt have the time to do things I enjoy as much, such as "computing" in general or even posting to threads let alone to "blog". So, in a sense this is a "...returns entry" and hopefully I'll be able to post more regularly from here on.

I guess we are done having kids now (*prays*) and as such I can find more time to do things I wanna do. My son Logan will be 5 in Sept., my daughter London just turned 1 in May, and little Lakyn is only like 10weeks old. Wow, how time flies. If someone would have told me this is where I'd be at age 27, I probably would have keeled over laughing.

Anyhoos', I finally got "MY" PC done. I had torn it all down, decided to paint the case (Black Satin) ; removed a section of the mobo. tray for easy removal/install of backplates ; cut out a 80mm hole in top for an extra exhaust fan ; installed a new (thicker) acrylic window w/ a 80mm cut-out for an intake fan, for which I custom fashioned an air filter as well ; I modified the front 5.25 bay plates to accomodate mounting a 120mm Ultra-Kazi up front which pounds the air over to my TRUE ; speaking of which, I lapped the TRUE down to copper, got a really nice finish on it - and I also got my enzotech type-s and intel775 bracket for a vertical mount on it - which needs some extra work, as I'd like to get the washers welded to the upper mount point instead of just sticking them in there ; I also installed UV wire-wrap, a 4-channel fan controller, some new LED's, an extra HDD, and also got a new battery back-up system b/c my old one was... well, old. I have been told that they only last at best 4-7 years, and then the charge in them starts to fail. I noticed this was occuring with mine, as numerous times I would come down to my computer room, only to find that my PC was shutdown, and the BBS was emitting a loud, long beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. The power in this house is bad enough as is. I'm suprised it lasted as long as it did. Regardless, I got it all together and am still working out some tweaks here and there (again, lol) and am waiting for some more UV cold-cathodes before I install the ones I have, as I dont think they will be sufficient enough to light up everything I want lit. But the color-scheme looks good (blue w/ a little green here & there).

Pretty soon I hope to get around to putting up all my new pics from the rebuild and such, so all can see the beauty that is the "Dragon's Den". I still have to figure out where to put that Dragon applique I bought. It's the finishing touch! Time will tell I suppose...


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