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Bftr Ix Molly

Today marks my first day of Fall Quarter. Tomorrow night my Grandmother is visiting to take care of my sisters and dogs during the day...... And with all of that in mind, last night I had a strange dream.

I dreamt I was trapped in some sort of makeshift labyrinth that replaced roads, highways and hallways. Traveling from one place to another was merely running through this twisted maze.

In my pockets I had two cans of Diet Coke and was holding one open can of Mtn Dew Ultra Violet. As I would travel from building to room, I would be chased by my Grandmother's dog Molly, the runt of a litter of Black Labs (60-70lbs).

These cans of soda I had happen to be my current favorites, and all I wanted to do was enjoy them. However, I could only taste the flavors when Molly was in line of sight, and if she got too close, she would jump and knock the can out of my hand.

Pretty strange, I know. But this is normal for me on occasion. I remember a previous dream where one of my teachers kidnapped two of my friends. I had to free them from their South American putt-putt golf jail cell by putting two golf balls in the vending machine nearby. Moral of the story? If the last hole is supposed to collect your ball, don't block the hole and play again! (i guess, haha)

As for my more recent dream, who knows what it means. I'm just really amused by it.



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