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Bftr Vii Five Dollars

  • So far so good with Prozac. My doctor was pleased with the results, as it reminds him as well of how I was a few years ago. Happy to know I'm not really losing identity to a pill. (doctor is also a family friend)
  • On a completely different note, daily aimless thought led me to the concept of a hatred of one's own kind once again. Hindsight is perfect vision, but what's done is done... Though now I want to watch Gantz again.
  • I encountered my first car accident ever a few days ago. For that moment I was extremely annoyed with myself. I apologized profusely to the man I accidently hit (had a sudden stop on a busy narrow road), and after trading names/numbers we checked damage.. Amazingly enough, there only appeared to be damage to my front licence plate (which is generally unnoticable). Glad the guy kept his cool, considering the circumstances.
  • On the upside, I did drive home that day with my food worker's card. Protip: customers like employees to wash their hands because they don't like to see dirt. *hand to mouth*...... >_> Some of those test questions were retarded.
  • I found five dollars yesterday getting into my car. It kind of added a little bit of a spark to my day, but I laughed when I realized that was my five that fell out while pulling my keys out.


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