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Bftr Viii Hello Fascination

I'm so addicted.

Breathe Carolina has to be one of the most interesting bands for me to stumble upon. Why? Well, one particular reason is most of the songs are fairly selfish. You would think that would be a bad thing, but ironically enough I think it's helped me realize that near complete selflessness isn't normal.

A line in particular on the new album that doesn't settle completely well with me is "A friend in need is a friend I don't need". Well... If the needy one just wants to use and abuse, I agree. But if there's someone that needs help and I can help them, I will help them. Of course, like anyone I have my limits... Helping others feels good, but it can become exausting oh so quickly sometimes.

Completely unrelated, but i'm once again replanning college ideas. After one full year at the local community college, I am leaning toward transfering to WSU next year and hang with a pal from Olympia. I also debated asking for "Help learning English" on the university information request form. Is that wrong?

Knocked down a very annoying tree here in Arizona (two branches broke off overnight two days in a row!).. it's time to head home.



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