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Bios 1202 Revisited

Monday I bought a small desktop fan to circulate air out from beneath my desk to help keep temperatures lower when I'm gaming, it seems to give me a couple of degrees Celsius so that idea looks like it worked.

I reapplied the version 1202 BIOS to my M4A79T Deluxe yesterday figuring I'd try some tweaking to get past the BSOD that keeps popping up during the Vista boot screen. I bumped both the CPU and CPU/NB voltages up by 0.1V to 1.400V and 1.200V respectively and that seems to have solved the problem . Later I intend to go back and reduce these to the minimum need since I think only one may be needed. I came up with the 1.4V and 1.2V by reading on Overclocking.net forums about other people OCing their 955BE cpu and found only one person with a similar air cooler (they have the Xigmatek Dark Knight, I have just the S1283) the same motherboard (didn't list their BIOS rev. but after the 1202 update) with a 18.0x multiplier, 1.4V CPU, 1.3V CPU/NB, and 2000MHz NB clock. I figured if they could get 3600 stable like that, what would happen if I tried something similar and worked my way up there. I haven't tested for stability as of yet, but my latency (according to Everest) for the RAM at 6-6-6-18 CR2 is 46.7ns (WOOT ), that's a reduction of 3.1ns from previously . And according to the chart given, a full 12.6ns faster than a Core i7 Extreme 965 on a Asus P6T Deluxe x58 platform with Triple DDR3-1333 (@ 9-9-9-24 CR1).

At that time, I would say that I am happy with the results. Idle is holding at ~41C or 14C above ambient.

EDIT: *sigh* Well the issues with the 1202 BIOS came back as a BSOD paging fault in a nonpaged area and are worse than before. I spent the 3 hours trying various settings before becoming frustrated enough to downgrade my BIOS back to 1103 again. I am aware that this BSOD usually is a RAM issue (ie bad), but the only way I could get my system stable was to set everything at it's default settings . I'm beginning to think I may have either a bad motherboard or cpu, either is possible at this point since I'm running stable with the 1103 BIOS and not with the 1202. Very annoying and no fun when trying to overclock.


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