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Bios Rewind

I had ended up reflashing my BIOS back to rev 1103, everything appeared to be stable and normal once again. With BIOS rev 1202, every time I did a cold boot, the POST screen would say that the OC had failed, press F1 to... and I would have to reload the settings I had last time I started up, TO MUCH EFFORT to do that EVERY TIME I start my computer.

Somebody had suggested that I up the CPU voltage to see if that would stabilize things, of course I read this after I reflashed to 1103. At the moment, I'm just not wanting to deal with rev 1202. My guess at the time, by the lack of posts, is that everybody else is having no problems with it and that my situation is unique. Oh well, life goes on and I'm really not willing to give up on this board yet, way to many excellent reviews on it and SO many tweaks for it and so much money spent.

I must say that I hope this is not an indicator of BIOS updates to come. I've got to include that I am rather disappointed with this being my first ASUS motherboard (Abit previously) that such a little thing could cause such huge problems.


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