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For those who haven't seen or heard, my birthday was yesterday. It was enjoyable, so much so that I made a thread about it here: http://www.overclock.net/other-hardw...c-cake-v2.html

Anyone who is older than 18 has probably felt like this, but every birthday gets less and less important. I forget it's even coming and I don't really want anything. I'm old enough and in a position of such that if I want something, I get it. There is no birthday/Christmas list piling up with t hings I want. This makes it hard on family members to get me presents. That's why I appreciate the little things so much more than the big ones. Another 480? Sure it's nice but the thought that went into the Hamster Fighting Machine was 10x more awesome. They always say the thought is what counts and that is rather true.

All in all, the day was a fun time and while it sure doesn't fell like my 12th birthday when I got 50 gazillion presents and awesome toys, it was a nice time to spend with family.


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