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Ok, theories theories theories...

I'll give you 3 guesses to whom my favourite character is. If you guessed and are awaiting the answer... fail...

Anyway, here is my theory.

Warning: If you're not up to date on Bleach there might be some spoilers!!!!!!!

Ok, we all know Urahara made the Hyougekyou (WHAT?!) along with a whackload of awesome stuff. But ultimately it is the Hyougekyou that got him out of Soul Society.

But... if the way Ichigo got bankai gave him his Vaizard abilities (chains eating down to his soul, anybody?) and Urahara used the same technique on himself (took him only a few days) then could he be a vaizard himself? Interesting thought...

Also, when training with Sado he says his bankai isn't suited to training others. What does this suggest? Well, let's look back to "turn back the pendulum". After his even the 'old man' the boss gives respect to Urahara, even though he also understands that Urahara is naive in the ways of captain hood. So why would he demonstrate this respectful attitude? Why do the other captains give him as much respect as they do?

Well, we know that Urahara is, in short, a genius. Also, we know that he has a really powerful shikai. He can use his blood mist as a shield - and possible as a weapon. He can use getsuga-like beams that he can shoot in formations that cancel out other attacks. Hell, his shikai is practically bankai-like in power.

And bankai, conventionally, exponentially adds power.

So, what could this bankai possible be? It has to be phenomenal. Hell, if he is also a vaizard, his power may know no bounds.

But here's the biggest catch. Don't read this part unless you're up to date on the manga too.

The arrancar have a shikai-like change, and a bankai-like change. These powers also exponentially increase their abilities and strengths.

Ulquihara (hopefully I spelt that right) has a 'second stage' as he called it. This is like having a stage beyond bankai. (If you look back to when Ichigo defeats his inner hollow, his hollow says that he won't be able to master his abilities if he dies before he comes back; in MY reading of this, the hollow is not really defeated yet, just slightly controlled. So Ichigo is currently only a 'half-assed' vaizard. I think he'll end up losing to Ulquihara in a Kenpachi-fight-like-way and defeat his inner hollow and THEN have the power to face Ulquihara. Anyways, that was off-topic) So, maybe in his years of research Urahara doesn't only have a really powerful bankai, but maybe he developed a method to further his bankai and created a 'second stage' to his bankai.

Well now, I guess I rambled long enough, if you follow Bleach, I hope you enjoyed it. If not, start watching it now!


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