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Blizzard Held A Press Conference E3 55 Gross Profit Margin Of Wow

The United States the night of May 31 local time, 5:00 or so, moving through the network as the first Blizzard held a media conference, this opened a curtain E3. At the meeting, as the snow moving a number of corporate information disclosure. To put it simply, is this: as the snow is moving to make money, there will be a series of titles listed. Blizzard is also making money, the same titles will be listed. Blizzard and NetEase in China will provide services, there will be no problem. "StarCraft 2" for the summer of test, the winter market. Blizzard has a new carnival. Players can not play pirated.
The following is a brief summary of conference information: Blizzard CEO Robert dynamics first mentioned and the current market conditions, the company said revenue growth in 2012 is expected to reach one billion U.S. dollars. WoW power leveling is increasing, the number of online game are also improved, plans to raise the price game, as well as the expansion of the digital download service. Digital distribution means the gross profit margin was 60%, "World of Warcraft," the gross profit margin was 55%, traditional methods of distribution gross profit margin of only 20%.
In 2010 there will be a new 007, skateboards Tony Hawk, Spider-Man and Transformers the game listed, as well as Shrek 4 and the other two new. "Call of Duty" series based on a solid player, not low income, total sales reached 35 million. " World of warcraft power leveling" 6 months sold 11 million, "modern war" in six consecutive quarter of non-price sales. "Call of Duty" series will be innovation, the future development of other game types.
"Tony Hawk skateboards" skateboarding game based on the development of peripherals for all types of players. New racing game "Blur" is moving as the snow in the field of racing games for opening the door, positioning modest goal is to become the field of racing games COD. "Guitar Hero" Hot continuing revenue over 10 billion U.S. dollars, the upcoming PSP version of musical instruments include drums, a new "DJ Hero" for the market segments.
Finally, Blizzard executives statement. Blizzard said since its establishment in 1994 introduced 11 popular games, the United States over the past 7 years the most popular games is Blizzard 5, and 4 in Europe over the past 3 years. "world of Warcraft power leveling" for 11 million sales, "Diablo" series for the 20 million. Even if the economic downturn, in 2008 the income of snow is still 3 times in 2005.


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