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Blog For The Road I

As the title implies, this blog is intended to be simple, but it very well could be scattered.. We'll see. I'm going to be picking subjects I've been dwelling on as I go. I may have something more developed when I'm home again, but for now.. Just a few things on my mind.

As mentioned in a previous entry, I left for spring break to go to Mexico. The day I left was the day I was informed of the violence taking place here... Talk about heartwarming.

Thankfully (at least for my own sake) I'm in Puerto Vallarta.. Where violence of that nature is minimal at best.. But hearing about the problems up North is sickening to say the least. I sincerely hope others visiting here will experience a safe and relaxing vacation as I have.

Relaxing... These days I don't really call vacation "fun" anymore. Sure, in their own way I suppose they still are, but I'm no party goer. Aside from that, it seems the only place I and my family go now are places we identify as "home". Mexico has become that for us thanks to my grandparents. They've had a timeshare that they've treated my family and both aunt's families to ever since I was 11 months old... And then Arizona.. Well. That's a new one.

When I'm here all I feel like doing is laying back and staring into the sun. Not for the sake of "getting sun" but for the sake of getting lost in the moment I guess. Or maybe to just think about the things I hardly give myself time for.

I remember when I was 9, we came here and I saw other Mexicans staying here at the hotel. I remember being confused by that. Back then I thought to myself "Do they visit their own country for vacation?". With nearly everyone here speaking English and activities presented in English and then later in Spanish.. I was given the illusion that they did this for visitors from the US and neglected to think of visitors from other parts of Mexico.

I'm not sure all of what I think about those past thoughts, but I'm certainly shocked about my former perception on the matter. Of course they would visit other parts of their own country. I've done it before in the US, so what holds Mexican citizens from doing it in Mexico? I guess you could say this is the first time I've truly confronted my past self on that subject.

Last on my mind is Spanish and Japanese. I've been watching a few episodes of Bleach every night before sleep here (on 8th season now! woo!), and it's starting to mess with my Spanish vocabulary. I used to speak decent Spanish, but having learned basic Japanese vocabulary in my Junior year of High School (as well as watching Anime off and on), it has started to mess with me a bit. In a few of my encounters where I've tried to have a conversation in Spanish, I've spoken 'Japanish' instead.

For those unaware, Japanese vowels are very similar to that of Spanish and Italian.. So some Spanish reminds me of Japanese and vice versa. I remember trying to say "but" in Spanish to a local, and ended up using "demo" (Japanese for "but") instead. I also remember saying "nandeyo" once, which roughly means "what the heck/hell/etc". Sadly, I couldn't blame it on the strawberry daiquiri that time either.

Back to a more serious note... I have to say, I'm really starting to grow fond of the Japanese language. Now I feel I truly want to learn it, and not for novelty's sake either. I just like the language. It's beautiful.

That's all for today. It's getting late.. I might as well get some rest.


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