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In my last post I touched base on a few prominent thoughts swimming through my head. I'd like to say that any troubling thoughts have been put to rest-- In other words, I'm at ease. But I also mentioned a bit about language, and within that I shared that I've been watching Bleach.

Before I continue, I'm sure there's at least a few of you who probably have not seen it and really want to know what all the hype is. Well.. It's hard to fully explain in brief, but I used to have the same sort of questions prior to giving it a shot. To explain in an extremely condensed answer, it just has something everyone can relate to. There's a lot of cool philosophical discussions that could branch out of it too, thanks to the extent of creativity and thought Tite Kubo put into the character design.

Maybe someday I'll post a blog about Bleach and the characters within-- stir up some discussion among the fans and perhaps with others intrigued by it.. But since my last entry I have finished the 9th Season/Arc. The topic for this entry revolves around one of the ending themes in the 9th Arc that got stuck in my head. I've been thinking about the words for a while off and on now... More than anything else, the chorus sinks in the most.

Originally Posted by Lil'B - Orange (English Translation)
Another short night, lost in your email,
alone in your room, with nothing but the screen's glare,
feeling happy and sad at the same time,
There's nothing to do but let the hours fly by.

You love to laugh, you love to cry...
What color has all of it painted your heart?
You love to laugh, you love to cry... You grin at one another.
Two oranges sparkling like the sun.

All these dreams you want to tell the world about,
so many that they seem to go on forever.
But if you suddenly left, I'd never stop crying...
I don't want to let go of your hand.

You love to laugh, you love to cry... You look towards the future.
What color will it all be painted?
You love to laugh, you loe to cry... You know it's still decades away, but...
You want another bite of this bittersweet orange.
This vacation was good for me, to be honest. I don't feel haunted anymore, and that's true even in the face of a song such as this. But I wonder... Love to laugh, love to cry. Seems odd. I guess I understand it though.

I've experienced times where I've been hurt badly enough that I wanted to cry. On the flipside, there's been times I've been entertained enough that I wanted to laugh.. But in both cases I speak of, I wasn't able to. The more I thought about it, the more thankful I became of the times I've been able to reflect what I truly felt. It's certainly better than being continuously bottled. Thinking about it this way makes the lines "You grin at one another" and "You look towards the future" make more sense. It's hard to have forward motivation when you're all locked up inside.

There's only two more thoughts I have on this song. First, (thanks to my curiosity) I really want a bite of a bittersweet orange now. Sounds delicious .. Still trying to get a clear idea of what it's a metaphor for though.. Of course, it can be easily applied to a relationship, but what else could it be applied to?

The final question I have is the one proposed in the song: "What color has all of it painted your heart?". From that I wonder, what color my heart's been painted.. But before I can answer that, I need to know what "all of it" is. Maybe this song doesn't apply to me now that I'm feeling healed from semi recent troubles.. But regardless I still wonder... What is the color of my heart?

Give the song a quick listen-- It's very upbeat and catchy (and only 1:30 long ).

Extra Audio Aid: Lil'B - Orange (Short Version)


All comments welcome.


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