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Blog For The Road V Leaving Hope

This is one of those "Is the glass half-empty or half-full?" things. My personal answer to the question at this moment is that it could be both.

I'm posting this blog merely because I find the song interesting. Ironically enough, the feeling and emotion the song gives off is just as ambiguous as the title.

I had planned on incuding this on a different blog (either a future one or a past one), but couldn't find a place to put it, so here it is all by itself. Enjoy.


Please watch and/or listen before reading further. (Click to show)
Of course, if you don't want to, you don't have to.

A few weeks ago I watched a movie that was quite bittersweet, much like this song. I loved it, and I planned on pairing this song with the blog I had prepared for the topic.. This was the semi-recent blog I had lost all my work on. It wasn't very long, but I put a fair amount of time into it.

I decided later that I would put something else up instead, in fear of it coming off as a bit of a downer-- Which wouldn't have been my intent at all. Actually.. in one of my more difficult struggles, listening to this song gave me a bit of encouragement. That is, it had a similar effect of a writer attempting to persuade by appealing to emotion. It shows sympathy for the negative, but is oddly uplifting at the same time. That is exactly why I find this song as intresting as I do. Therefore, this song became it's own blog and topic.

The artist is Nine Inch Nails and hails from the nine track bonus CD issued with the limited edition version of And All That Could Have Been (a live album). The CD was called "Still" and consisted of piano renditions of popular Nine Inch Nails tracks. "Leaving Hope" is the last track of this well done (yet melancholic) album. In my opinion, this track was a brilliant way to wrap up the album.. A feeling somewhat similar to a satisfactory ending to a movie.

Music affectionados, this album was rereleased with new artwork on NIN's merch site as well as iTunes. The iTunes version now includes a full PDF of the booklet. In other words, if this is an album you'd consider tracking down, you won't have to pay an arm and a leg on ebay for it.



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