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Blog Post 2

What? My title not creative enough for you? I forgot this even existed but apparently some people read it and decided to comment. I was never notified of this so I never responded. Meh.

The blog part:
If you haven't heard the news, my life has been a pretty big roller coaster lately. It has been a good one, i.e nothing inherently 'bad' has happened, but it has been stressful at times. Here is a short list of the biggest events lately:


Tech station begins construction. I can't begin to describe how cool it is to have something I designed be built by the grand master Syrillian. We've both put a lot of planning into this project and it has consumed quite a bit of time (which I am glad to give up for such a great cause )

2) My wife and I had our first child, a baby girl, on May 20th. Our daughter Jade was born and came home for a day. The next day we returned to hospital for jaundice treatment. It was a pretty typical case but the night in the hospital watching your daughter IV'd and screaming is a sad sight. I handled it much better than my wife but nothing can really prepare you for something like that. She came home a day after that and has been doing wonderfully ever since.

3) 10 days after our daughter was born, we moved from Idaho (near Yellowstone) to Oregon (Beaverton). It is an ~11 hour drive usually but stopping every few hours to feed the baby and for my wife to rest dragged it out over two days. My mother flew out to drive our car with my wife while I drove the moving van. 16' moving trucks aren't a joy to drive, I must say. But it was bearable, we survived, and here we are.

4) Changed my major. Not only my major, but pretty much dropped out. I was a physics major solely because I had to pick something when I left for college. Now I am considering a career in graphic/product/entertainment design. It's a big shift but my wife is supporting me.
So there you have it: four fun and stressful events in a rather short period of time. Life is going very well but sleeping along with an infant's schedule, moving, and life altering decisions have left me exhausted. I'll try and check my comments here as well and I found out how to enable notifications when people reply so I should get notified. OCN is always a nice break and I've been able to hop on TF2 a few times now that we are more settled. Feel free to drop me a PM to chat about OCN, life, or whatever.


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