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Blog Wait What

Cool, so this is my first blog. Ever. Never got into it as a teenager, so let's see if I make up for lost time

Anyway, Leonard Cohen is coming to Ottawa. That is awesome. What's not awesome is the Federal government is doing an investigation into it because ticketmaster sold all of it's tickets to a ticket resaler that it owns, and the tickets that used to be 68.50$ are not 488.20$. And the tickets that were 228.00$ are not 3998.99$.

That blows.

Leonard Cohen is god. Why do they limit the viewers to the elites of the area? Why do they bother jacking prices that high in a recession?

Oh ya, I forgot. In a deep economic recession the only business that tends to make tons of profit is the entertainment business (everyone wants to forget their problems after all).

Wait, did I just blog or rant?

Someone should make a Bleach AMV with a Leonard Cohen song...


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