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I currently have 3 blogs

But I don't really use my blogs that much. The one I post most in is "My College Blog" which I use to basically talk about what's happening in college to my parents.

I have this blog on this website called Yuwiew. You get get money for whenever someone looks at your profile, blogs, pictures...essentially it's a social network that is supposed to be money driven. For every 1000 hits on anything you get a dollar. Yeah, not a lot. And you get can't get a check until you have 25. So 25000 hits for $25? Seems quite hard to get to me

And this one of course...which is supposed to be tech based. I would have a lot more if I wasn't busy here at college. Or if I just wasn't lazy Actually this applies to all of my blogs

In fact I have quite a few things to say right now so I'm going to post some more entries


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