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Blogs Bad Logging Of Great Stories

Second post - just over a year between each one?

Man I'm awesome xD

Well, Project Deep Blue is 99% complete. It turned out to be a lot more impressive than I had imagined! Really, I thought it was gonna be tacky and average as, but once I started getting towards the end it was looking pretty good!

Along the way I learned that homejob soldering will often lead to disaster - poor connections etc. Having good ventilation is bloody useful too, learned that the hard way (man my head was woozy).

Anyway, I want to write a diary, and write stuff but I don't know how often I'd do it with University and all. Doing Law and Music sounded cool, pulls all the hawt chixx (I'm the only boy in my year for Classical Performance ).

Over the last year, so much had happened, to blog it would be writing the Bible in my books (ha).

Main points -
-- Finished High School (NZ high school is 5 years, from 13-18~ [what we call Year 9 to Year 13])
-- Learned to photograph betterererer (sorta)
flickr link
-- Drifting

If you read this and went "man this guy seriously needs to get outside and get laid" or something along those lines, I don't blame you. Although, it's the exact opposite of who I am, I love being out and about.

Come visit New Zealand, we don't bite, and can't fly (Kiwis can't fly). Wellington rocks, best capital IMO We have Mad Mike (pic below)

c0nc0n out


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