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Blood Ei7raged Gt H50 Shroud Set Up

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OK add a new push⇇shroud⇇pull configuration to my Corsair H50. I used the 120mm fan from the CoolIT Domino ALC that I had, that exploded! That thing is a beast, its some kind of OEM Scythe if I remember right. I just took an old 120mm fan and cut the fan part out leaving only the housing for the shroud (dkev's recommendation). I added a Scythe KAZE Q Fan Controller so I can control the H50's fans. With the fans turned all the way up I get around 22/23°C, with them turned all the way down I get about 25/26°C. This simple shroud mod works very well, it worked for me. I recommend this to anyone who wants the shave off a few degrees from the H50. Add and updated the pics on the 1st page, and here they are:

Tried the double shroud and it didn't work as good as a single did.

NOTE: I need to up date my shroud PICs, some how my old IMG host deleted the ones that where here before.

Update: Here is what it looks like now.

What a helpful guy! This is very useful info on the H50 and a good setup for it. I'm curious to know why pulling air through the rad is more efficient than pushing, I suppose its because air can "bounce" out of the radiator back at the pushing fan. Most interesting. And to think I just bought that darn Tecnofront airbox.... *grumble grumble cost of shipping grumble*

Well, at this point, I think I'll have to go and find the cheapest fan I can get when I'm at NCIX picking up some RAM, and then do dKev's mod and turn it into a shroud.

The big question from there is, wether to install the pull fan and shroud on the outside of the case, since the Scout has two ridges which I could see as being.... nevermind, if I put the shroud on, there is no fan for the two ridges to touch! bingo!

next question, how did this bloke fasten the shroud and the pull fan together? I couldn't see any screws in the pictures. Glue?

most captivating.


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