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Bloody Eah4890

Alright, I'm getting severely po'd at this ASUS EAH4890. When I got it, I could OC to 975/1150 @ 1.45V with no problems and I ran Furmark for 1 hour. NOW I'm at 900/1050 @ 1.35V because about every 2 weeks I lose my OC due to severe artifacting. I don't think I'll EVER purchase a ASUS graphics card again and IMO they are complete garbage. I've had it 3 months and the first 3 weeks were awesome, now I fear that by the end of September all it will be able to run are stock speeds and by the end of the it will have to be underclocked just to be stable.

EDIT: Let me correct that ASUS graphics statement, I will never own an ASUS graphics card again. I just had to put everything back to stock and what good does it do to have a gfx card made to OC that can't be OC'd to any level?


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