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Bloxcache Boinc Caching Batch File

I'm sick of the piddly 90 min worth of WU that Milkyway can give us as a cache. So I created a batch file to allow multiple caches of work to be maintained.. so you can have 48 hours worth for instance.

::BloxCache for BOINC - created by Blox of Overclock.net
::Create a thread in the BOINC section if you have problems
::First work out how many caches you need for each system
::(Time per task x max no of tasks (6xNo of Boinc CPU for Milkyway))/No of GPU on proj. That tells you how long each 

cache will take to proccess. Then work out how long you want to keep as a cache, e.g. 48hrs.. divide 48 hours by time 

per cache(in hours ofc). Now you know how many caches to use. The deadline is 8 days, so make sure not to cache more 

than that or you will run out of time)

::make sure you edit your main cc_config.xml to disable all gpus, and create a cc_config_gpu.xml in the c:\programdata

\boinc dir (I just set <exit_on_idle>1</exit_on_idle> , but also set it on the command line, so prob not necessary)
::@echo off
set x=32

::make dirs - change the next line to set the 
cd c:mp
if exist bloxcache%x% (
for /l %%i IN (1,1,%x%) do (
mkdir bloxcache%%i
::the following checks don't work, cba taking them out.. it will always copy the files from the cpu boinc dir
if not exist gui_rpc_auth.cfg (copy c:\programdata\boinc\gui_rpc_auth.cfg bloxcache%%i\gui_rpc_auth.cfg)
if not exist global_prefs.xml (copy c:\programdata\boinc\global_prefs.xml bloxcache%%i\global_prefs.xml)
if not exist global_prefs_override.xml (copy c:\programdata\boinc\global_prefs_override.xml bloxcache%%i

if not exist remote_hosts.cfg (copy c:\programdata\boinc
emote_hosts.cfg bloxcache%%i
if not exist cc_config.xml (copy c:\programdata\boinc\cc_config_gpu.xml bloxcache%%i\cc_config.xml)
::attach to proj
for /l %%i in (1,1,%x%) do (

::first go with 1.55 min - this allows each dir to grab a cache - hmm, anything over 90 seems to not work :-(
"c:\Program Files\BOINC"\boinc --dir bloxcache%%i --attach_project http://milkyway.cs.rpi.edu/milkyway/ 

fe37e2e42c2f24d71fca850a53da1229 --exit_after_app_start 90 --exit_when_idle --allow_multiple_clients --gui_rpc_port 5000 

--master_fetch_interval 60
::subsequent go's at 1.5 min a time

for /l %%i in (1,1,%x%) do (
"c:\Program Files\BOINC"\boinc --dir bloxcache%%i --exit_after_app_start 90 --exit_when_idle --allow_multiple_clients 

--gui_rpc_port 5000 --master_fetch_interval 60


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