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Bored Tired Cant Sleep And No Pc Amp Quot Sigh Amp Quot

Firstly, this is the first blog i have ever written, so thanks for reading or even just having a glance

Right now its 10.38 am, i have been awake for 2 days straight and i am seriously bored out of my skull

recently i have purchased a 360 of my girlfriends brother, and im shocked of myself, i refused to buy a console for so many years and actualy bought one in the end

currently im playing fable 2 game of the year edition, i quite like the game, but find the co-op a complete failure, the camera angles are fixed unless a player hits the corresponding button to align it centre on, the co-op is basicly the main character and a henchman quite lame, BUT i can imagine fable in a sort of mmo scenario

the major reason for typing this blog is that i am currently disapointed and having withdrawl symptoms from not having a computer ( im currently on my gf's laptop) i originaly planned on getting a motherboard upgrade, so gave my motherboard to my m8 which he desperatly needed, down side was, me and my mrs was having relationship difficulties, everything was in a undesirable repetitive routine and life was getting boring. and she temprarily kicked me out for about 3 days, thats when i decided to prove to my gf how much i think of her, as she complained that i was constantly on the computer, even though she was unaware that her laptop is always on her lap day in day out, she never cooked, always asked me t do stuff for her even if it was alot easier for her just to do it herself e.g. get the remote for the tv which was easily an arms length from her

so i gave my m8 my motherboard great, i would be without a computer for about 5 days tops, 5 days come, and now there gone, its been almost a month and a half without a computer and theres no chance ill have my rig back online by febuary

so now im wondering what to do, usualy my comp was to distract myself from life for a few hours a day, now im without one, im more open eyed on my existence, it is dull, repetitive and my gf bores the hell out of me, i feel like i always have to make the first suggestion, move, just to do something, but i dont like planning life, i like to be random, unpredictable, suggestive yet, all this has just failed completly with my gf

Ahh well... guess ill just keep living life as it comes enjoy my rant of the day


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