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Borrowed Crysis Quite Impressed

A very generous amigo allowed my to borrow hos copy of Crysis the other day so I could play through the campaign. Thus far, I enjoy it immensely. Probably have not had this much fun with a single player FPS since Half Life 2 - and that says a lot. The AI is great, they don't seem to have that "I am programmed to find you and kill you regardless of circumstance" feel that so many other games do, even if they mess something up occasionally. The soundtrack is outstanding - keeps me on the edge of my chair when I need to be, but is never intrusive or interrupting to whatever is currently going on. Graphics are pretty self explanatory - not that I pay too much attention to them while playing. I'm running everything on Medium except textures at 1280x1024. I've currently blown up about 10 AA guns, so that's getting just a bit repetitive, but the tools I have access to change enough to keep it interesting, and the full day/night cycles are a godsend. It's like having two different games, two different strategies to use.

I'll keep you guys posted as I play through the rest of the campaign; but so far this one's got the Chipp Seal of Approval.


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