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Bottleneck Fantasy

Here i go again, the path we know all to well, the everlasting search for top performance for wich we spend our last money on. Once again i felt the urge to buy some new hardware to gain a few fps in a game no one can run at full speed (you guessed it, it is Crysis) Now what is that thing that drives us all to stand out from the crowd by owning the fastest system in a 100 mile radius?
Honestly i don't know what enables that drive. Even my 15 yr old son has that same urge, even though he owns an ancient 19" crt monitor he couldn't resist buying a 4870, for what? i don't know. There must be something that drives us all forward in some illusive search for the holy hardware grail. Core i7, we are dreaming of core i9. Radeon 4***? we are already dreaming of a Radeon 5 series. It's like a common madness imposed by the hardware manufacturers who are dying to sell sell sell, and we all just comply and buy buy buy. Makes me feel like we are nothing more then Borgs wich want to be assimilated into the hyve, the hyve of more, faster, better, shinyer.
Maybe it all comes down to the essence of man, the need to divide and create, the need to mark his territory and the poor soul wich dares to enter will feel the raft of the one whom's pride has been raped.

These are just random thoughts entering my mind on this windy saturdayafternoon. Siting on my couch staring at the monitor of my htpc wich just finished the last song of my list, another pc waiting to be finished and a wholesome list of things that need to be done.
Maybe i shouldn't listen to gothic rock, maybe i
should get that extra 4850, maybe........... maybe enough is enough, no more hardware,software or any other wares. Come to think of it, I noticed my main rig could use another 4850 just to xfire and get rid of that nasty bottleneck i found when playing Crysis.............maybe


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