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Bringing Dreams Back To Reality

So, I love reading and have read loads and loads but nothing much in the past year or so. But last night my room was stuffy so i turned on the fan and went to sleep with a migraine.

I had an amazing dream and the story was so original and nothing like anything ive ever read before. However, I can only remember chunks of it, BUT I know for a fact my dreams last night weren't different dreams that I pieced together, but just one whole dream, like a story and everything flowed from part to part perfectly like a novel. It was epic material for sure.

I don't know how or if it was triggered by anything when I was younger, but I use to be able to have some awesome dreams over and over again the same ones a lot of times.

I just wish I could have this dream again so I could remember the details that are missing.

Though I wish I could have a lucid dream, I wouldn't get anywhere with this one because I have never created a daydream or story as enticing as this one. But if I could have this again and fill in the blanks I may start turning it into a story.

And so... I am now on a quest to find ways to re-dream what I have dreamt before if possible.


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