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By Golly I Think I Figured It Out

Well crap, I'm going to have to postpone putting the Thermalright T-Rad2 GTX & VRM-R2 onto my EAH4890 to help with my uncomfortably high temps, OK, they're high to me with 60C idle and ~75C when I game. This morning I opened up my case to get more air flowing to it during a 30 minute OCCT GPU test to get the maximum load temperature and low & behold, there's a LED lit up on it. I couldn't be lucky and have it be D1601 (critical temperature) or either D1602 or D1603 (power connectors A or B removed), nope it's the dreaded D601 the critical Core power fault :swearing:. Mind you, I haven't had any reason to open my case for about 3 weeks now and tbh, I don't remember having seen it lit up before.

So, looks like I'll be contacting ASUS about this one . I've been looking forward to doing this upgrade all weekend and now I'm going to have to RMA it.

Now I think I should also let my fine OCing friends here at OCN know that during my 30 minute OCCT GPU test I had the driver fail 2x and it crashed the system 2x (back to POST) with an "A hypertransport sync flood error occurred on last boot, press F1 to continue" . Related? Worth thinking about imo.

So let me postulate a stupid question, using the ASUS SmartDoctor on my ASUS EAH4890 (no mods done in ANY way), is it possible that to much voltage was sent through the VRMs and damaged it? I've run it to the max that SmartDoctor will allow, 1.45V, and ended up bringing it back down to 1.4V after much tweaking. I'm thinking yes, especially if there's a bad VRM to start and it's stressed to failure.


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