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Cabbage Headed Man Ponders Ek Waterblocks

EK has 9800 gx2 waterblocks up on their site. They actually list three different products. Here they are with today's US$ currency conversion:

EK-FC9800 GX2 SLI for $194.46
EK-FC9800 GX2 SLI - Acetal for 202.43.
EK-FC9800 GX2 SLI - Nickel-Plated for $209.93

Now, what's strange about the first two products is that they have identical descriptions, but I suppose they intended to change the word acrylic in the 2nd description to acetal. I didn't think there was much of a difference between acetal and acrylic, but I'm a dumb idgit with cabbage for a head. Also, I wasn't aware that nickel-plating copper gave better conductivity than plain ol' copper, but I'll bet you $7.50 it does. Anyhow, while I appreciate variety, is there really a need for three price points no more than ten bucks from $200? I can't imagine EK is going to retire by selling 9800 gx2 waterblocks, so why they'd waste energy on three products is perplexing. Thanks, though.

These are some hefty products, over two pounds apiece. I wonder how heavy a block has to get before the PCB snaps? A little drop to raise the G forces and oh crap, slap me silly and call me Sally. The cost is similarly hefty, even for a fiscally irrational overspender like myself. Since I've waited this long I might as well see if the Black Pearl edition is coming out. I imagine it will be more cost-effective with worse cooling capacity. But I won't wait long. Oh no. Man, waiting for new components is poison. Poison, I tells ya! You wait, and then you hear about something new and better, and then what you're waiting for comes out, but you think oh I waited this long ... nuts. It's getting time to finalize decisions and post one of those "check out my specs and ridicule my choices" posts.

Meanwhile, I'm ordering supplies and tools like made for my case mod. I was hoping "da thing" would show up today so I could throw together a prototype this weekend, but nah my junk is in a truck somewhere in the backwoods of Arkansas still. Maybe Monday.


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