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Cant Stand My Computer Maintenance Teacher

This is going to be quite a long read, sorry there will be no tl;dr version.

He finds the smallest things to piss my friends and I off. The other day we were installing Windows on a computer (Doing actual work), and he just pulled us aside and told us to go over to the other room and test the computers (which are ancient). Seriously, that pissed us off because we were actually doing something, not just browsing the net and playing games (like about 1/3 of the class was doing). We tested them and got POST codes that sounded fine and dandy, so we didn't even bother hooking up monitors or anything. We had REAL stuff to worry about. Yeah, so we get back and finish up the Windows install. This was Thursday 9-24-09. And on Friday, 9-25-09, I had a written plan to bring in my parts and FINALLY get my computer assembled for a grade. Well, he apparently thought that working on some dinosaur computers was more important that working on a GRADED project. So I spent 2 out of my 3 periods that day working on ONE computer that had a good POST code. The motherboard died, but he wouldn't help me AT ALL. BTW, he said "Get the computers working" but didn't even give us and screwdrivers or any tools. So how are we supposed to fix computers without screwdrivers or tools? And I told him I'd be damned if I used my truck keys. Some teacher he is . Speaking of trying to piss people off, he was making fat jokes to my friend. His laptop screen got broken from his dog, okay? Well the teacher said "Yeah, you probably just sat on it and blamed it on your dog" (or something along those lines).

And another thing, his breath wreaks of cigarette smoke, and the room smells like alcohol + coffee And he tries to cover up the smoker's smell with body spray which doesn't work AT ALL. And he doesn't clean his fingernails (I'm a HUGE hygiene freak).

He doesn't even know what the hell he's talking about half the time. An example is saying that a computer needs a HDD to POST. Another one is he doesn't even acknowledge that Pentium D's are outdated. Still "teaches" by the books published in 2006. One student was working on a computer with a SLI mobo. He [the student] put the graphics card in the second PCI-E slot, and the computer wouldn't get any video or POST. The teacher asked "Are the drivers up to date?" I felt pity for him and said "Try moving the Graphics card to the first slot, up at the top". And whaddya know, it fired right up and POST'd. -_-

Yet another thing is, instead of buying up to date equipment for the class (IE New computers, and trashing the ancient ones), he spent the WHOLE BUDGET FOR THE YEAR on a home entertainment system that was computer operated. Complete waste of the whole budget, and it was only used one or two times.

And for the sake of my sanity, I'm not even going to BEGIN talking about all the horse poop he put us through last year. The class is a 3 year one. (Sophomore, Junior, and Senior). I'm currently a Junior right now. Only reason I took it again was to get A+ certified out of High School.

Rant over. Thanks for reading.


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