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Career In Progress Step 1 Am I Doing In College

I had no idea that i had a blog here...

So i'm starting this as a log/journal/"blog" of where i am currently and the journey that i'm taking trying to push myself through college and finally get a "real job."

so in other words, cout << "hello world!";

My name is Travis and i've been in college for way too long. I'm 24 years old and i'm pursuing both a BFA in Graphic Design and also trying to decide on whether i want to get a degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.

for more info on that mess see this cry for help/thread

I'm originally from Santa Rosa, California but i moved to Fresno because apparently i didn't appreciate the beauty of my hometown, and now i'm stuck here until i graduate. Yes, i'm putting myself through college with no help from the 'rents. Yes, i work at a coffee shop for my monies. Yes, it's complicated, but at least i am finally getting financial aid. It's not so bad, the boredom of the place forces me to concentrate on trying to graduate. I mean come on, what else is there to do? Besides slave away at Starbucks, like i've been doing for the past 6+ years.

Okay, back on topic...

So yeah, i'm at CSU-F and i'm basically just getting into both of my majors. After this semester i'll be forced to leap into the crazy upper-division stuff for both of my majors, so this is a "make it or break it" year for me. I've only finished a few computer science courses: CSCI 1-Intro to CSCI, CSCI-41 Into to C++, CSCI-42 Data Structures and Algorithms. I'm taking the last course, CSCI-60 Fundamentals of CSCI/Discrete Mathematics, that is required for getting either a CSCI degree or a CENG degree.

So here i am world! advise me, berate me, do try to help me. It's a long road ahead...

care to follow?

oh! and i've got an amazing horse!


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