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Power Supplies / PSU Product Line

Everyone has an opinion about power supplies, because power supplies are important. A bad one will crap out on you at the worst time, leaving you with a nonworking machine--or worse, one that’s fried. Corsair’s AX1 series walked away with 61 percent of the vote; the silver and bronze winners got eight percent each.

Corsair AXi Series

"If it’s not Corsair then it isn’t a power supply."


Rosewill Capstone Series

"For a power supply line in general, I don't think anyone has managed to beat the Rosewill Capstone's combination of price, performance, and reliability."


SilverStone Strider Series

"I have the Strider+ 850 (which would be plenty for dual GTX580s) and I am extremely happy with it. It's been rock solid, and provided clean power for my overclock


Comments (6)

Wow! Silverstone got Bronze and Rosewill Silver? Was not expecting that.
Rosewill makes excellent products!
But i'm surprised Corsair was over SilverStone
No Seasonic is rather surprising to me
There is no Seasonic because it wasn't an option. Which is why I think this outcome is only to concern what was an option at the time to vote for. Considering Seasonic makes PSU's for others like Corsair I think it was a mistake not to include them. They are #1, followed by Corsair in most people's books.
Seasonic for the win any day.
i dont understand why evga's psu haven made it on the list ?
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