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CCA - Processors - AMD Chip [Performance]


Processors / AMD Chip [Performance]

Life’s hard for AMD right now, and harder for AMD fans. The top tier of AMD’s desktop CPU lineup hits at around the same place as Intel’s midrange enthusiast parts, and many OCN readers actually prefer older AMD chips like the Phenom II X6 1090T, but the eight-core Bulldozer chips still have their admirers, and AMD’s not out of the fight yet.

AMD FX 8-Core Black Edition FX-8150

"Chews through everything I have thrown at it. Definitely worth the price."


AMD FX 8-core Black Edition FX-8120

"I love this chip :)"


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I have the 8350 , 1100t and 1090t , skipped the 8100 series , don't think they had enough of an improvement over the 1100 .
Fx 6100 iam loving it- soon to get another 8350 cant wait!
Knew the gimped choices would hurt these polls. Theres just no way vishera wouldn't be topping this list if it was a choice. Write-ins are fine, but almost never get more votes than an official poll choice.
I didn't realize write ins counted and so I didn't write in Visheras. If I had known, I would have.
AMD ROASTED LIKE EVA October 12, 2011
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