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Processors / Intel Chip [Performance]

Intel’s sitting pretty at the top of the desktop CPU performance index, with its midrange quad-cores routinely spanking AMD’s 8-core Bulldozer chips. If you need more power than those midrange offerings, you go to the big guns. Intel’s six-core Sandy Bridge-E processors offer quad-channel RAM, twelve processing threads, and massive cache. By a 53% to 47% margin, our community prefers the i7-3930K, which is nearly as powerful as the 3960X but $450 cheaper.

Intel Core i7-3930K

"3930k, better performance/value by a longshot! Even though this is a pure performance category you could buy your motherboard for the price difference between the two and you'll almost never see much difference outside of benchmarks."


Intel Core i7-3960X

"3960x all the way. Simply beast and glad I sprung for mine"


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3930k is the best i have both of them and my 3930k performance better and can if i want to ocerclock more then my 3960x
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