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A few years ago, I used to cherish birthdays because it was the only day of the year when I feel special. I get presents, money, and 'happy birthdays' from everybody. Now, I don't really see the 'specialness' of my own birthday; I mean it's just the day you're born right? You get older on your birthday(is that suppose to be a good or bad thing?), which doesn't mean much. It not like you're going to be a way different person overnight(i.e. being more mature, acting your age, taking responsibility). In my opinion, age is just a number; a number that represents nothing. Age doesn't tell you how smart, how mature, how rich, or how 'senior' you are. Again..It's just a number.

My mom asked me what cake I wanted for my birthday, I told her, "why does it matter? It's not like it's the only day I can get a cake." It seems like I disregard birthdays; however, this is purely my view on my own birthday. I still cherish and treat other people's birthday like it's a special day; I don't inflict my view(of birthdays) on others. Some might say I will just be faking my expression/attitude when telling another person 'happy birthday', but that is not the case. (cont)


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