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Charity Paintball

I started an orginization back in 2003 called Charity paintball. where a group of volunteers setup a paintball tournement and donate all of the money raised to various charities. I went out several years ago spent $8000 and bought a used speedball field 2 dozen paintball markers and all the safty equipment. I donnate all the equipment with out any cost to the charity or the evnt so 100% of the money raised can got to the charity. We have raied over $70,000 in the last 6 years and have raised money for all kinds of charities. This weekend at a charity tournament, I was approched by a family who's son loves paintball but has not been able to play for many years due to an accident where he lost the use of his legs. they asked me if i would be willing to hold a tournament to help the family cover the cost of a new powered wheelchair. (close to $10,000) I said I would do it. I went out to look for some sponsors this morning and to my glorious surprise I have already raised $7250.00 in corprate sponsorship for the event. I am completly beside myself because I usally raise about $1500 to $2500 in corprate sponsorship. I have it setup in 3 tiers
Gold=$1000 Silver= $500 Platinum = $250
in my 10 stops this morning I got 7 gold and 1 platinum and 2 not at this time. I am used to 1 gold and one platinum per 20 stops. The way this community seems to be is if there is just a charity name they will give, but once there is a name and a face to the person they can help then they open up thier hearts and give. I also had one person offer to pay his his staff for and have them help put the event on. I guess all am am saying is to date this is the highest dollar fundraiser That I have ever held and I have only put 3 hours in to it so far. just when you think you have things figured out life throws you a curve and have to start thinking about it all over again.


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