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Charter Tickles Me

I had read something about Comcast shutting down their highest bandwidth users, so I decided to read through my Internet company's AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) and Customer Agreement.

Two things I found are very interesting:
1. They do have a bandwidth cap if you are using "excessive amounts" of bandwidth. That's understandable, but a real number would be a good guideline.

#2. If I were to sue Charter or anyone related to the company for anything having to do with the Customer Service Agreement, UAP, or Privacy Policy, I HAVE TO PAY THEIR LEGAL EXPENSES. . . . and I'm not kidding, read that crap.

Customer Agreement
7. Indemnification
Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Charter, its parents, subsidiaries, members, affiliates, officers and employees from any claims brought against Charter related to Customer’s use of the Service or the violation of the Acceptable Use Policy or the Privacy Policy, including, but not limited to, claims that Customer’s use of the Service infringed on the patent, copyright, trademark or other intellectual property right of any third party, claims arising from any breach or alleged breach by Customer of this Agreement or the AUP, or any claim resulting from Customer’s negligence. Customer agrees to pay any attorneys’ fees incurred by Charter in bringing any action related to the Service or a breach of the terms of this Agreement.
On a side note. How do I add categories to my blog?!!!


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