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Chat is a flawed but, imo, essential thing to OCN.

There are several members that go into chat, and do only that - chat. If we remove that asset, they will most likely either leave OCN or post at a slower rate then what they are now.

OCN chat is a very fun asset to OCN. There are several people (need I name them?) that like to ruin it by talking about stupid crap half the time. When a mod is in there, they either dont chat or watch themselves but the second that mod leaves - it goes to hell.

Then there are people (need I name them?) go and report every single thing to mods. Really stupid things may I add. I infact, have been inspired by one who ended up getting me an infraction for calling him by the wrong name to go and be like him, and report every little thing I see. I will continue to do this btw.

It's been bought to the mods attentions (everything that is), and they are considering just removing chat. But the simple solution is to get a mod. The perfect mod for chat, and I dont see why admin hasnt given it to him already, is Murlocke. He's in there 24/7 and is the most responsible person Ive met on OCN.


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