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Chemistry And Diamonds

So today in chemistry, we were going over these questions, and we come to something about diamonds.

My teacher, used to live in south africa. He is totally an awesome bro, and he knows a lot more about stuff than you think he would.

Anyways, he starts going into this rant about how diamonds were discovered in South Africa. He goes through pretty much the whole history of diamond mining and production. Eventually, he gets to the part about DeBeers, and their role in the diamond market.

As you may or may not know, DeBeers owns virtually ALL diamonds, and diamond trade. They have what nations like the United states would consider a "Total Monopoly". They control the price, the trade, pretty much everything.

So anyways, he explains the above to the class, and like most ignorant 16/17/18 year olds, everyone is just like "lolwut". So he continues his rant, and goes into how DeBeers popularized the diamond engagement ring.

He likened it to how companies pretty much created fathers day just for more money. He continues on, and is all like:

"So boys, you don't NEEEEEED to buy diamond engagements rings. It is all a marketing ploy"

At this point, pretty much all the girls in the class are like begging him to stop. Literally begging, like they would rather learn and do work, than listen to an interesting rant. (rare)

I kinda just laughed since i already knew most of this since i like Geology and have a pretty nice rock collection myself.

Moral of the story: Teenage girls are extremely susceptible to media, and are materialistic as ever, and my Chem teacher is a total boss for making half a class almost break down in tears.


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