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Class Re Booted The Reset Switch Has Been Flipped

Ah well, It was a long break, a long one indeed. Many fun things took place, hanging with friends not seen in a while.... making new friends, and more.
However fun like that doesn't always last forever and as that chapter in this story of life comes to a close, the next opens...

Two days ago I finally came back to college.
My second semester begins and I have to focus and make up for the mistakes I made last semester. Now I am behind in two classes but I cannot change the past. I can only move forward and push on.

This semester I vow to do my best no matter what, and also balance the schedule in my life a hell of a lot better. Sure my parents were dissappointed with the two classes mentioned earlier, but this time I'll do them proud, as well as myself and all my friends that support me.

Heh, funny thing about college. Once it starts up, you find out which of your old friends are really your friends. Some grow distant never to talk or hang out with you again, while others stick there and keep in touch. Sure everyone goes their different paths and gets in with different crowds but
a friend is a friend, always there thick and thin, despite distances and changes in life. Friends are like the chocolate chips on the cookie of life.

Where I'm going with this i have no idea, I guess its sort of the same with life. You never know 100% what path your choices you make will lead you down until your there, then you must make more choices. Life is all about choices and I suppose its time I get back into that groove once tommorow swings around.

Fun is always in the air... just like bumblebee tuna...


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