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Cleaning Up With 40 Alcohol

I only use 99% for cleaning CPUs anyway.

A lot has happened since my previous entry, and one of which is I am no longer a single man. Yes, I got back together with my ex and I am extremely happy about that-- believe me, I really am. However tonight I'm a little antsy about one small little detail.

Sayaka lives with Sun, her roommate, and tonight Sun finally came back home (after 5 days of being gone) and brought her boyfriend over. I have absolutely no problem with that (honestly, why would I? I don't live there). Today I sent Sayaka a text message about Sun's boyfriend saying "Hopefully he's not a jerk or w/e.." as Sun's boyfriend will be there for 5 days. I get a text message saying "Lol he's awesome!! We smoked pot together!!".

Little bit of history on me: Never smoked pot even just once. I'm no biggot about it, nor can I say I haven't been curious. I actually am curious, but I've made attempts to curb that curiosity because Sayaka asked me if I smoked and she liked that I haven't. She also wanted me to keep it that way.. as of 4 weeks ago.


Can you understand why I'd be even just a little mad? And then I'm told I get mad too easily. Well if someone tells me they don't like something then do it themselves, of course I'm going to be a little irritated. I explained that I wouldn't have been as mad if I were consulted first or if she tried it with me, but just doing it without saying anything...? I don't need a play by play, I just want to be consulted about hot topics.

To make the stain a little smaller, apparently she was mistaken about smoking pot-- it was just tobacco out of a pipe. To make the stain a little bigger, she tells me she's drunk and the three of them had been drinking my vodka. Regardless of if I'm still on a 939 rig or not, I'm no penny pincher, but considering I work 12-18 hours a week at $8.55 an hour.. I don't want to have to be buying a $40 bottle of vodka every week.

Once again I'm told I get mad too easily. This is the same person who said anger is a rare emotion for me. ... I love her, but we're both human (besides, she treats me well too; it may be a mistake that I don't blog about that as well. But I digress...).

I just manage my anger well when I have it. I don't bottle it, but I take care of it by talking or writing it out. When I'm at the tail end of my frustration and just need a small shove to over the hill, I pour myself something to drink. Usually it's Mike's Hard Lemonade or vodka and Pepsi Max, but tonight it's Jose Cuervo and strawberry margarita mix. Ironically I've had only one sip and I've decided I'm probably not going to have much more.

I'll be fine and so will she. Promise.


For those curious, I presented her a gift after the countdown to the new year here. That way, it would be the new year here as well as in Japan. Inside I had a small box of Ferrero Rondnoir chocolates and a four leaf clover silver necklace with the leaves formed into hearts. On the underside of the necklace gift box I wrote a message to her asking her out. After having a lengthly kiss forced upon me she said "The answer is yes" then continued to suffocate me.


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