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Client Build

Alright so I did my first "client build" in December. I don't know if I could call it a client build but seeing as it was my girlfriends moms friend and I don't really know her than it justifies the title.

She came to me asking if I could build her 13-year old son a "Gaming Computer" for some money of course. I kindly accepted her offer and told her that I'd only charge a small fee for building the computer and installing vista and an AV. Here was what I choose for her:

-Asus P5N-E
-8800 GT 512MB
-Mushkin 550W

I let her son pick out the case

The Quad was way too hot on the stock so luckily I had the ACF7 on hand to drop the temps by 15C. Installed RivaTuner to control the fan speed on the GPU.

After two months of no contact she has a problem with the computer crashing Leading me to believe rivatuner fan controller has failed me or that the quad temps are way too hot.

Without contacting me at first she brought it to a tech shop where they told her that the clock speeds were to high (causing the crashes) which made no sense since I never touched them and they said that the guy who put it together set it too high (referring to me) stock clocks ring a bell, didn't think so.

Anyways thats bullocks and they told her that they lowered it and it should be fine. Unfortunately, that was never the cause of the problem since the computer is still crashing. Now I just wish she could contact me to fix this problem (heard of the problem from my girlfriends mom)

Once I get a hold of her I'll probably be taking the computer in to see whats causing it to crash. You'll most likely hear from me again about this in a post.

If you have any ideas as to what might be causing this leave one


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