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Client Build Update

Just to give you guys a little update on the situation.

Recall: Turns out that she lent the computer that I built for her to her brother who overclocked it and damaged it. Now she wants me to fix it for her. I don't mind trying my best to see what could be causing her problems.

To my surprise I received the motherboard from my client. Strikingly enough she told me that the problem was the motherboard and wants me to send it back (as is). I told her that I want to check the whole computer out before sending anything to RMA, as it could be something else. I still haven't gotten an answer from her about getting the computer out to me but its not like she can use it without the motherboard that I have lol

Anyways, my goal is to diagnose the problem once I get the computer and try to fix it. As I already know that I am not to blame for the damage, I will be charging her for taking care of the problems it has. I don't think that is asking much, especially if she doesn't want to deal with sending everything that needs to be RMA'd.

My question to you is how much should I charge her for finding the cause of the problem and fixing it (RMA) and then setting it all up again so that it works?

I don't want to be an arse for asking for money, but its not my problem in my opinion. I gave her strict instructions about what I would do in case of problems within the first month. I am not to blame for Overclocking and frying the motherboard (by what I have been told).

Give me your opinions on how I should deal with this.



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