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Client Build Update 1

Alright so I just found out that she lent the computer to her brother (most likely he who overclocked it) before giving it to her son. This isn't good news since he most likely didn't know what he was doing. Luckily for me, now I know that I am not responsible for the damage that was done.

In the end the tech shop confirms to me that the computer was overclocked (not by me) but by her brother If she chooses to contact me than I will be more than happy to help her out as long as she knows that I had nothing to do with the cause of all her problems.

The key terms described to me of the problem is:

-motherboard is fried
-high clocks (fixed by tech shop)

I don't know which of the following is the actual problem. If its crashing than I can easily fix that, but if the motherboard is fried then RMA time for her


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