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Competitive Gaming Updates Qqing And You

Let me start out by saying I have a bunch of random rants that I want to rant. I don't care your opinion on the matter and it won't change mine.


I've never been one to play a video game competitively. I play for fun and I simply do not find a game fun if I have to practice and treat it like I'll die in real life if I do ingame in order to be average at it. As a result I scoff at the typical online FPS, rarely buy 'em unless they have a campaign attached. I honestly cannot fathom how you guys find it fun. It feels like work to me.

Now, that is not the part of competitive gaming that irks me. I'm quite happy to just pretend it doesn't exist and play SP. Noooo, the part that does irk me is the people who think everyone should play competitively. I play TF2 online quite a bit, and every once in a while I'll run into one of these Grade F toolboxes. I don't care that you like to play it but I don't and I never will. I don't play for anything except fun, and I don't play anything I don't find fun, so shut the hell up when I leave the TF2 server because it's starting to piss me off.

This brings me to updates and QQing. Recently Valve updated CSS. Many of the toolboxes I mentioned in the above paragraph are now QQing because x exploit they spent years, literally, perfecting the abuse of is fixed. Or maybe Y mechanic was tweaked. Or maybe they don't like achievements.

QQ moar, will ya? Things change. Get used to it. You aren't supposed to be exploiting things like Bhopping anyways. IF you put even half the time into actually playing it right as you did exploiting that damned glitch you'd never need to Bhop again. Good riddance to an exploit that should have been patched YEARS ago.

Now if you guys will excuse me I'm going to go have fun in a video game. Some of you can't understand how I can have 'fun' in a game if I'm not playing it competitively, but trust me it happens.


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