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Computer Issues Since Day 1

Well i want to start off by saying i built this computer the day windows 7 was released. I bought my processor a month in advanced cause of the deal that they had a microcenter, it was new at the time, seeing as they had it only for 200 dollars. Anyway fast forwarding a little bit. I built the computer and fired up windows 7 man was i ever so excited. One of the best upgrades about the pc was windows 7 it self i was ready for a new OS refresh as i skipped vista. Anyway i fired everything up and installed all the updates, steam, along with tf2 and css at the time. Only thing lacking from my upgrade being complete was the GFX card i still had my GTX 260 as my card, as i was waiting to see what fermi had to offer, before it got delayed 300 times. Anyway TF2 was my game of choice at the time, its been about a week since the new system has been up. I noticed some serious stuttering in TF2, and it was really getting to me, as a lot of little things bother me. So bam i start researching, i then also see that CS:S was also stuttering, at this time i am going nuts. Day to night night to day of nothing but research and trying to find an answer to why this could be happening. I automatically blamed the os, as i would fear that it may have some compatibility issues, which i was alright with cause if it was the os i would know it would get resolved one day, but i would not rest. I had my 1tb caviar green drive as my main hard drive at the time, i installed css on a new a hard dirve and that took the stutters away, i then bought the caviar black 1tb, and started using my green as storage. But TF2 still had its stutters after that, i was starting to go insane. I started to take the normal steps of trouble shooting, i finally got to memtest. This is where things start to get messy, anyway after numerous weeks of memtest, and trying to set ram time settings, i finally came to the conclusion that ok it is bad memory. At this time i pretty much forgot about the tf2 stuttering and was just focused on getting memory with out any errors although the pc never froze on me or gave me blue screens or anything. So i send the ocz ram back to RMA, and bought some dominators to take its place, because i refused to be with out a pc. I bought it from a shop over here called diretron, any way i brought them home and fired them right up. It was only reading 4 out of 6 gigs of ram, at this point im just thinking about picking up my computer and launching it out the window. So there goes another week of testing none stop, now i find it was 1 bad stick as i put it in the system by it self and it was freezing and giving me blue screens i then returned the ram to directron, and got an asus p6t deluxe v2 mobo, i had an asus p6t regular before this. Thinking ok just maybe it could be the ram slots let me just tripple check. I then went back to directron and re bought the dominators, same thing was happening on the new mobo, come to find out they sold me the same ram again, o boy was i furious, i was out ram and a mobo at this time. So i went back to directron and gave them hell about re selling me a product that i returned, they refunded me fully and i over nighted some dominators off of newegg, as fast as their service is i got it the next morning. Fired it up everything was fine and dandy, so now i have a asus p6t mobo in rma along with ocz ram sticks (which i still have now in a box thinking about selling them or keeping them for back up.)

Now everything is gravy system is running fine. I then see that my ram is not running at 1600mhz so im like ok did some reading saw that they had an xmp profiile mode that you can set it on that wham 1600mhz so i do that. Now here is the problem my computer was FREEZING only at desktop, browsing mainly, i start freaking now, i dont know what to do or even what to think. Back to trouble shooting i go, i uninstall things that i may think be the problem no luck, i then for some reason think its adobe flash as it was mainly happening while i was browsing, it would happen so random it was extremely hard for me to get the problem to repeat. I mean so random it could be ok for about 4 to 5 days, and then wham a freeze. This is when i started to jot things down in a log book, i was battling this issue for about a month and a half, this one drove me real insane, especially when i thought my problems were over. After research and research i saw someone mention the xmp mode, i then remembered, went into bios and switched it off and i was freeze free. Everything was going great at this time no issues, i even oced my processor i was zooming. Now i decide to get a new GFX card, here is where more issues have arrived. Mind you now i almost built a 2nd pc by now, the only thing that has not been replaced from this current setup is the psu and cpu, and case. First thing that happens to me when i get the 5970 is i BSOD when i have to monitors, i figured out a solution to that. So now you can only imagine, the slightest hiccup or issue just makes me want to attack it, as i think these computer parts were given birth by the devil him self. Then i started to get these little twitches in games that i did not like, not all of them just some of them mainly bfbc2. Then with some games that didnt support dual monitors i would get this wavy type look in the menus, so i contacted sapphire today, and they are going to rma my card. I am sure this is not the end of them. I am skeptical about getting an ssd, as that will be 1 more issue to worry about.

Yes it is a long read i decided to right this for you people who like to read blogs, and also i you can see where i get my anal ways from and why.


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