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Computer S Last Leg


As I sit here looking at the Press any key to boot from cd….. screen, trying to save the life of this poor Dell laptop, I cant help but wonder. This thing is 6 years old, and is WAY past its prime, in fact I think one of our founding fathers possibly wrote an important document of some sort on it.

I wondered how long of a life can you possibly expect out of computers now a days. So I decided to see what the good ole internet had to say about it. And it seems no one can come up with a straight answer. Which to me does make sense, because think about it. All parts in a computer have different manufactures, which in turn have widely varying degrees of what they like to call quality control. So a computer is just a sum of its parts and yada yada yada.

The truly great part of this whole endeavor was looking up people answers and getting a good laugh out of them, I will just share a few.

1. a few days to a month – talk about bleeding edge, you let me know where you live and when the cycle of a few days ends I will be promptly sifting through your trash thank you very much, helloOoo ebay.

2. 2-3 months – Possibly a smart choice….. if you decided to buy your computer from your smelly uncle Larry, or perhaps a gigantic candy crank dispenser. Please let me know what you did with the giant plastic bubble that it came in, I might have uses for it.

3. 1 year to 2 years – An even smarter choice, I can actually sympathize with this as most people that buy A computer are lured into the cheap prices of name brand manufactures, and they don't look at the specs of what their buying. So yea that single core Celeron laptop that you bought at Walmart was a good buy at 300 dollars, but when you are surfing the internet and decide to open notepad and your computer crashes…..well you get the point.

4. 5 years – This seems to be the most educated guess I saw out there. If a computer has quality parts, that are newish you can expect that the industry standards wont push so far as to make it obsolete in a minimum of 5 years or so….. I don't think we will be getting hovercars and data jacks in the back of our skull for a little while longer.

For example I just recently built a Intel i3 core miniATX Desktop, 4 gig ddr3 ram, 1tb harddrive, solid case, asus motherboard. By all standards that desktop is a little before its time processor wise, so the average home consumer wont worry about their tax software pushing both cores and hyperthreads like prime95 or some other stress test. It should zoom through that like flicking a booger.

But in the time it took for me to write this, I have revived this poor laptop. It still has a few more days to be useful…. like a paperweight on a desk somewhere…


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