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I just got the confirmation email from SVC on my order . I'm just giddy with joy and can't wait for it to get here.

I do think that after I install my new Megahalems cooler and check my temperatures, I'll finally convert over to RAID-0 and run Windows 7 Ultimate x64 RC until it runs out in June. Dual boot is nice, but I always end up running one OS over the other, so I don't see much sense in doing it. Hopefully SmartDoctor for my EAH4890 works in W7, I'll have to double check that.

Heh, ships today .

Hmm, interesting, I just noticed my temperatures and their cycles(?), I wonder if my Xiggy isn't acting like a passive cooler instead? I've got the fan (SilenX 90cfm 120x38mm) hooked to a fan controller with my other fans and cranking it to 100% seems to do very little . Oh well, tough cookies. I'll see about getting another fan later and making a shroud for the fan. The Scythe Slipstream has such a small motor surface compared to other 120x25mm fans, idk if it will help or no.

EDIT: UPS tracking says that it will be here Wednesday, July 1.


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